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This descriptive type of cross-sectional study was carried out within the period of 5th to 10th March 2018 at Manikganj municipality area among the easy bike (auto bike) drivers to assess their socio-cultural awareness and health status. The sample size was 63 which were selected purposively. Data was collected by self-administered questionnaire and check list. Weight machine, measuring tape and Ishihara chart were also used. Finding of the study showed that, among the easy bike drivers, self-auto bike belongs to 71.42% and rental 28.58%. The mean age (years) of the subjects was 25.57, ranging from 14-50. The mean BMI was 19.93, ranging from 17-28. Regarding health status it was revealed that 37% were suffering from gastro-intestinal diseases, 32% from RTI, 14% from back pain and 17% were suffering from other diseases. Again, it was observable that 79.36% subjects were getting their health service from Gov’t hospital and 20.63% from private health providers. Considering the personal habit, it was observed that 84.12% of the subjects were smoker and 15.88% non-smoker. It was noticeable that, 7.93% were addicted to other drugs or alcohol and 4.76% were engaged in gambling. Also, 6.34% needed spectacles and 1.58% was colour blind. Again, it shown, 27% of the subjects had no idea about aids. Considering the social awareness, it was observed that 73.01% knew the name of president of Bangladesh and 26.98% were ignorant, 11.11% knew about Independence Day and 88.9% had no idea about it. Also 36.5% had idea about victory day and 63.49% had not. It was mentionable that 70% subjects had no idea about international language day. In this crucial situation, further in-depth study is required to improve health and social awareness in this group of people.


Easy Bike Manikganj municipality awareness

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Md. Mizanur Rahman, Professor of Community Medicine

Department of Community Medicine, Colonel Malek Medical College, Manikganj, Bangladesh

Md. Bazlul Karim Chowdhury, Associate Professor

Department of Biochemistry, Colonel Malek Medical College, Manikganj, Bangladesh

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